A NEW & FRESH Approach to Car Finance

My name is Chris, A Car Dealer that was featured on the ITV Prime Time Show, Deals, Wheels & Steals.
I’m also the Blogger behind the popular UK Blog FlippingCars.co.uk.
This is my personal approach to Buying Cars & Car Finance. I think you’ll like it!


Check Your Eligibility

I can ‘Soft Check’ your credit file first without leaving a record on it for other lenders to see.


Buy A Trade Priced Car

Buy Your Car with ME from Auction & SAVE MONEY! Many people are now doing just this! Or if you want to buy from another dealer, use my buying power to buy it on your behalf.


Protect Your Car

If you buy with me I can even offer you a trade priced warranty to protect your car.


Personal 1:1 Support

I know what i’m doing & can save you money as well as make the whole process very easy.

Step 1: Free Eligibility Check.

I don’t charge you for this service. I pay a monthly fee to offer it to you for free. No need to thank me ūüôā
It will give you one of three answers… High, Medium or Low chance of finance. You can improve your chances by increasing your deposit amount. The more equity in the car then the less risk for the lender.
I use a ‘Quotation Search’. Lenders cannot see this, so your credit rating is not impaired.

To carry out this search I need to know the Type of Car you are after (I’ll insert a dummy Car Registration for you at an approximate trade priced value) & your details. The search looks at the value of the car and your personal circumstances & gives you an answer. Its a manual process for me to do. I try and do it within a few hours during working hours.


Apply for a Soft Search of your credit file and see how likely you are to get Car Finance. Its free to use and I do it manually on your behalf. It DOESNT leave a record on your file that other lenders can see. So it wont harm your credit rating.

Step 1 of 6

  • Tell me the maximum you want to spend on a car in ¬£¬£'¬£¬£¬£s
  • The bigger the deposit the easier it is to get your loan approved.
  • I need to know what Make, Model, Year and Mileage Car or van you are looking for... e.g. Audi A4 2013 with 50,000 miles. We will use a dummy, example car to get you your soft check.

Step 2: Dealer Car or Auction Car.

You are probably used to buying your cars from a Dealership. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact I run my own dealership.
However I also offer a Car Auction Buying Service (CABS). Hundreds of people a year use my CABS service to save money on there next car. I hold a platinum card with BCA and Traders account with Manheim. The UK’s two biggest car auctions. Using my buyers premium discounts you could buy your next car at trade money. Saving you thousands of pounds. I can even add on a warranty to help protect your purchase for you. If you prefer to buy a dealer car, I can buy it on your behalf and then sell it on to you.

I can source a car on your behalf and sell it to you from my dealership. It will come with 12 months warranty and will be retail checked to make sure you are paying the lowest price possible. You will also have all the consumer rights and protection you get when buying from a dealer.

Or you could consider using my Car Auction Buying Service. I charge £250 to £295 for this service upfront but it means you can buy at trade prices from auction backed with my expert support. You will actually save more than my fee on the buyers premium alone, let alone on the price of the car.

Of course you can buy your car from any UK dealer. However using my service I would actually need to sell you the car. Its not the best way to do this as using my CABS service you can buy at trade prices and get a warranty added on. However if you have set your heart on a car, I can buy it on your behalf and sell it to you for the same amount. In essence, I would be selling you the car.

Step 3: Personal 1:1 Support (NOT a Faceless Website / Broker)

Most Finance Brokers want one thing! Your information. They then pass that on to a select amount of Loan Companies and move on to the next person. Job done. I’m NOT like that. This is where my service is different. I’m NOT a faceless business chasing a quick ¬£.

I receive many emails of gratitude for my services. Its because I do all I possibly can to make sure I deliver you an exceptional service. Your satisfaction is my Number #1 priority. I hope you will be the next person to entrust me with their business.

I will guide you through the whole process and ensure you get the best deal. Ill go the extra mile to ensure you get the best terms possible. If you want me to source a car for you, Ill work with you to get the best spec car we can for your money. Ill make sure you don’t overpay, make sure its sourced within your time frame and ensure you receive after sales support from me too.

I pay £ thousands of pounds every month on subscriptions to valuation tools and retail check tools, so that I can ensure the car you buy is bought at the very best market or trade price.

I also have a very public profile across Social Media channels where you can check me out and interact with me. I’m not a faceless website run by shareholders chasing your ¬£. Im a family man working hard every day to provide my website visitors with a personal service.


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Step 4: Become a Happy Customer

I’ve many happy customers and I want YOU to be the next…. This is me, delivering cars to my customers